Cost of Rendering a House

Eventually, a home degrades and requires renovation. Thus, your home may require rendering at some point in time. However, you may be wondering about the amount of money you’ll spend on your rendering project and the most appropriate way of rendering your home in Sydney.

Rendering is mostly done on brick walls. When rendering the exterior walls of a property, a special render often comprising acrylic or cement is applied over the walls.


cost of rendering walls of a house in sydney


Cement render is the most popularly used rendering material in Australia. However, the kind of render to apply in your home will depend on the elements in your local area since different render materials react quite differently to certain elements.

Besides cement render, you can also choose from other render materials such as acrylic, silicone, or polymer render. Also, a rendered wall can be painted in a colour of your choice for an enhanced look.

You can also consider rendering options that come in a pre-coloured mix. Pre-coloured render mixes are often more expensive than plain renders but have a lower cost of maintenance.

Painting cement render is an easy task. However, prices vary depending on the renderer and the nature of the walls. Before starting a rendering project, it’ll help to consider the rendering costs involved. Here’s everything you need to know about the cost of rendering.


How Much Will Rendering Cost Me?

Many homeowners wonder how much it’ll cost to render their home, even though it’s a cheaper option than complete home renovation. Overall, the cost depends on several factors.

The cost of rendering a single-storey buildings is about $12,000. However, you may pay more for two-storey buildings. The cost of rendering two-storey buildings may cost you up to $50,000.

The cost per square meter is about $30-$50. You can reduce the overall cost by considering DIY rendering. However, not many people have the much-needed expertise to undertake a rendering project by themselves.

While cement rendering isn’t rocket science, you’ll need to consider the surface area you’re working with and the nature of the walls.

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How Much Will It Cost To Render the Front Area of Your Home?

The average price of rendering is about $30 for every square meter of a wall. A properly done rendering job may cost you as much as $50 for every square meter covered.

The exterior walls of an average home measure about 400-500 square meters. If the average rendering cost is $30, the entire job will cost you about $12,000.

It’ll help to take measurements of the walls of your property to get a more accurate estimate of the cost of rendering the walls. Upon getting the measurements, consult potential renderers for quotes. Compare the quotes to know the one that suits your budget.

You’ll need to consider the cost of buying rendering materials, the kind of render you want, maintenance costs, and labor costs. Some renderers give quotes that don’t include the cost of rendering materials.

Thus, ask them about all the costs involved. Nevertheless, most homeowners opt for cement rendering due to its affordability.

Remember that different homes aren’t made equal. Thus, the cost of rendering different homes may vary depending on the nature of your home. Thus, consult an experienced renderer before having your home rendered to know the exact cost of the project.


What is Costlier between Brick and Render?

Generally, traditional bricks are quite expensive, especially when using them for new construction. That’s where cement rendering comes in handy as a more affordable option than bricks.

It’ll also help to consider if a rendering project can increase your home’s value, especially for anyone planning to sell their home soon. Regardless, your preferences may determine the material to use between bricks and render.


Does Rendering Increase Value?

Rendering is a sure way of increasing the value of your home. However, a small rendering job may not offer significant value addition to a home.

Thus, consider the cost of having your home rendered before starting the project to know whether it’ll increase the value of your home.

Feel free to ask your potential renderer all the important questions to stand better chances of making a more informed decision upon determining the rendering costs involved.