Coloured Renders

If you’re planning to revamp your old brick walls with render, you’ll need to make up your mind on the coloured render to use.

However, finding an ideal render colour for your new façade or old brick walls can be quite challenging.

Here’re some ideas that can assist you in choosing a colour scheme for your upcoming exterior render project.


Choosing the right coloured render for your home


Popular Coloured Renders

Contrasting dark and light render colours will create a focal point in your façade. You can improve the look and value of your façade by adding an extra material like timber or stone to contrast the smooth render texture.

Light coloured renders assist in reflecting heat and sun during warmer months. However, extremely bright white exteriors may be blinding. Instead, consider a dove grey or creamy coloured render.


Traditional Render Colour Options

Art deco homes often feature beautiful brickwork. However, if the home features a heritage surface coating, the render colour options to choose from will be limited.

In such circumstances, check with local authorities before altering existing colours.

If your home features a Victoria-style design, you can restore its opulence and decorative façade by applying a light-coloured traditional render.

Also, you can choose a colour scheme featuring a European home design depending on your preferences.


Render Colours for a Home with a Swimming Pool

It’s necessary to ensure the colour scheme on the exterior walls of your home complements other backyard features.

For instance, if you own an outdoor swimming pool, consider a render featuring a subtle grey colour to match the blue pool water.

Alternatively, consider a bright but light render accompanied with timber.


Coloured Render with Timber

Render and timber are a perfect match when paired together with appropriate colours. Light grey renders work perfectly with vertical wooden boards. However, they may weather over time when left untreated.


Dark Render Colours

Dark coloured exterior walls are becoming more popular. They’re a perfect way of drawing heat into a home, especially in areas with a cool climate. Consider light colour options for accent and trim colours to contrast dark renders.


Modern Rendered Home Ideas

Are you considering modern rendered home colours for builds involving mixed materials? In that case, keep the render colours simple for the best results.

For instance, a render featuring a neutral color that either contrasts or complements other materials can assist in creating an appealing façade.

If you want the exterior walls to have a striking look, go for a light render colour to contrast dark bricks and make the architectural features stand out.

A render featuring a natural colour will create cohesion between your home’s exterior walls and the landscape.


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