One of the greatest additions to a home is a swimming pool. The pool cools the body during summer. It’s also great for keeping children entertained.

Additionally, it adds to the value of a property. Just like any other man-made installation, swimming pools also require regular maintenance. They can only remain fully functionally by keeping them in their best condition.


swimming pool rendering in sydney


Sometimes, small repairs and regular cleaning are sufficient to keep the pool in its best condition. However, some pools require more than simple cleaning and repairs. In some cases, full resurfacing may be the only solution to fix some pool problems.

At Sydney Rendering Pros, we’ve completed several pool rendering jobs. If your pool looks aged and worn, we can resurface it using an appropriate render material to restore its look and make it look like new for many years to come.

Swimming Pool Renovation Projects

Swimming pools are exposed to excessive moisture and weather elements constantly. Exposure to these conditions affects their structure. Thus, it’s common for pool walls and floors to develop mold, cracks, and other issues. Renovating the pool can save you a lot of money. Renovations assist in avoiding costlier repairs.

Here’s the process we use during pool renovations:

Step 1– First, our rendering experts will drain any water in the pool and assess the condition of the pool surface carefully.

Step 2– Upon identifying the problematic areas and assessing the pool’s condition, they’ll clean it meticulously.

Step 3– At this stage, any repairs are done.

Step 4– The experts will prepare the pool surfaces thoroughly by removing any necessary material, filling any cracks, and leveling the surface.

Step 5– Next, our experts will coat the surface with a high-quality render material in even layers.

Step 6– The render coating will be allowed a little time to dry. Next, our experts will remove any roughness and smoothen the edges.

Once the applied render material cures completely, waterproofing solutions or after-treatments will be applied.  We make sure that there’re no missing spots or rough patches on the finish. A smooth render surface ensures that swimmers won’t suffer from abrasions or cuts.

Pool Rendering Options

There’re several pool rendering materials available today. Concrete render material is commonly preferred due to its affordability and ease of application. Also, it lasts for many years if properly maintained. Cement render comprises cement, sand, lime, and pigment mixed in the right amounts. Also, we ensure the underlying pool materials are kept moisture-free by applying a waterproofing solution on the rendered surface.

You can also choose acrylic render. However, acrylic render is a bit more expensive than cement but comes with numerous benefits. It resists moisture effectively and is easier to color. It retains color for quite a long time such that the surface will look great for many years.

Polystyrene is another render material, but it’s not commonly used for bathroom rendering. Experts recommend polystyrene render for interior and exterior walls and not swimming pools.

Benefits of Rendering a Pool

Rendering a swimming pool often seems like a huge investment. However, it comes with numerous benefits. Here’re the key benefits of rendering an old or worn pool:

  • Enhances durability– Today’s rendering materials are extremely durable. The rendered surface will get a new look that’ll last for quite long. A high-quality render finish won’t become dull or fade easily due to exposure to water and the sun. Its colors will remain bright and vibrant for quite long before demanding reapplication.
  • Great appearance– Modern render materials come in a wide variety of colors to choose from. Thus, you can find a color option that fits your preferences or one that’ll match the existing décor. Most homeowners prefer blue shades for swimming pools, but there’re several options available.
  • Increases the lifespan of a pool– Rendering a pool increases its lifespan. It also reduces the frequency of repairs. Rendering increases the structural integrity of a pool and allows it to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.
  • Easy maintenance– Rendered pool surfaces are easier to maintain and clean. There’re no porous areas or grout lines where germs and mold tend to settle. Also, the surface only requires simple wiping or sweeping.

These benefits prove that pool rendering is a worthy investment. However, you can only enjoy these benefits by hiring an experienced rendering company. At Sydney Rendering Pros, we use top-quality rendering materials to ensure your pool won’t experience problems any time soon.

Why Hire a Professional Rendering Company

Applying a render material on flat walls is quite easy. However, it’s more challenging to render a pool surface. It requires special skills and experience. Here’re the reasons why it’s recommended to hire our experienced renderers for your pool rendering project:

  • We’re a licensed swimming pool rendering company. Our contractors are fully insured. You can rest assured that we’ll deliver a top-quality job.
  • We guarantee our services. Thus, if you’re not satisfied with the work, call us to rectify the issue.
  • Our contractors understand the best rendering solutions and materials for the local Sydney conditions.
  • At Sydney Rendering Pros, we use proven techniques and specialized tools to create smooth and level pool surfaces. Poor and dumpy pool rendering finishes can injure swimmers.

Our pool rendering services are reliable and affordable. We don’t compromise quality. Our professional customer care team will give you a full quote detailing all the expenses without any hidden costs. The quote will assist you to create a good budget. Also, we’ll assist you to choose the right solutions for your pool rendering requirements. Feel free to contact us at 1300 869 590 to get your free quote. We’ll also answer any questions you may be having regarding our affordable pool rendering services in Sydney.

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