Blueboard, a type of drywall, comes in the form of a sheet. The material is ideal for coating with acrylic renders. Acrylic renders are available in a wide range of finishes such as non-colored and colored options. Thus, there’re several options to choose from when coating a blueboard drywall.


blueboard wall rendering in sydney


Blueboard drywall is primed and sturdy. It’s quick and easy to erect it. Many builders prefer using blueboard due to its numerous advantages. Finishes are applied onsite using acrylic render systems. Blueboard creates a perfect surface for applying decorative render finishes without any masonry work.

Blueboard drywall is popularly used as an exterior cladding material, especially in residential properties. It’s mostly used in extensions and renovation projects due to its ease of access, lightweight, and quick installation. Since the material is a readymade render substrate, it’s perfect for applying a textured or smooth colored finish.

Rendering Blueboard Drywalls

There’re a few rendering options available for blueboard. The most commonly preferred options for rendering blueboard include:

Acrylic render sponge finish

In this option, the render is painted after curing. If acrylic render is applied on a blueboard, the finish can be painted after at least 48 hours. The sponge finish option creates a smooth finish.

Three-stage coloured render system

Stage 1- Applying a basecoat acrylic render

Stage 2- Applying primer

Stage 3- Applying a coloured acrylic rendering finish. There’re several colours to choose from, just like regular paint.

Our Rendering Services

At Sydney Rendering Pros, we’ve completed numerous rendering projects in Sydney involving blueboards. We apply the best acrylic renders on blueboards for a perfectly smooth finish. We can also paint the rendered surface as needed.

Here’s how we complete rendering projects:

Step 1– Call us to organise for a home or site inspection.

Step 2– We’ll give you recommendations and the best options onsite before we give you a quote.

Step 3– Once you’re ready to go ahead with the project, we’ll give you a detailed quote.

Step 4– Our rendering experts will start working on the project. We’ll keep you updated about the project. Also, we’ll let you know about any unforeseen circumstances that may affect the project. If you want changes in the course of the project, you can discuss them with us for implementation.

Step 5– We’ll complete the project and ensure all your expectations are met and exceeded. Once done, we’ll leave the work site clean.

Project Cost and Timeline

The timeline and overall cost of rendering blueboard walls vary depending on each project. Our quotes are detailed and don’t have any hidden costs. We’ll also give you a reasonable timeline. However, the timeline can be affected by unforeseen circumstances such as weather.

Covered Areas

At Sydney Rendering Pros, we offer rendering services throughout Sydney. Contact us today at 1300 869 590 to get a free, no obligations quote.

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