Rendering is beneficial in many ways. It enhances the look of any home. The extra layer offered by render materials enhances the weather resistance properties of a wall. It also improves moisture control. Rendering also strengthens a property’s structural integrity.



Some years ago, the only rendering materials available were lime, sand, and cement. Today, there’re several rendering materials to choose from, including polystyrene and acrylic. At Sydney Rendering Pros, we have many years of experience with polystyrene rendering. We’ve completed several rendering projects involving polystyrene. Thus, we have enough knowledge to do a professional job.

What Does Polystyrene Rendering Entail?

Polystyrene is among the newest rendering materials in the rendering industry. Its numerous benefits are making it more popular among homeowners. Essentially, polystyrene render is available in two different forms including extruded polystyrene (XPS) and expanded polystyrene (EPS). Both forms of polystyrene are made using a similar polystyrene material. However, each type comes with different benefits and is made differently. EPS offers great thermal properties but doesn’t enhance the structural integrity of a wall significantly.

Benefits of Polystyrene Rendering

Polystyrene boasts of being extremely versatile and flexible. It’s specially designed for use in the construction industry. It has great insulation properties such that it’s able to protect a home against harsh weather conditions. Polystyrene render ensures that the underlying construction materials are protected from excessive heat or moisture.

Here’re some benefits of applying polystyrene render:

1. Durable

Although polystyrene is a lightweight material, it’s extremely durable. It’s able to withstand daily usage for many years without experience any problems, especially when properly maintained.

2. Lightweight

Polystyrene is a lightweight material. It doesn’t increase the weight of a structure significantly. Hence, it’s popular for application on upper floors as it doesn’t have the potential to destabilize a structure.

3. Fire resistant

Walls coated with polystyrene render have enhanced fire safety properties. Polystyrene isn’t flammable, unlike some other construction materials. It holds off fires for longer, thereby allowing the occupants of the property some extra time to move to safety and limits damage.

4. Resists pests

It’s resistant to most pests such as white ants, rodents, and termites. EPS is made from artificial materials such that it doesn’t have any value to pests. Thus, you’ll be certain that your polystyrene rendered walls won’t have any bite marks or holes.

5. Flexible

Another notable benefit is its flexibility. It’s possible to apply it on surfaces featuring different base materials, textures, sizes, and shapes. It has minimal limitations, making it better than acrylic or cement render materials. The design options that can be applied using polystyrene render are almost limitless.

6. Moisture barrier

The water-resistant properties of polystyrene make it suitable for rendering. It’s also breathable. Thus, it’s largely used in large construction projects like highways. Polystyrene creates a barrier that keeps moisture away. It also prevents dampness on walls.

7. Insulation properties

Most people choose polystyrene due to its great insulation properties. Polystyrene creates a form of barrier between the interior environment and outdoor conditions. It prevents outdoor heat from seeping into the interior during summer and prevents indoor heat from escaping to the outside during winter. As a result, it reduces annual energy bills since the HVAC system won’t struggle to maintain a conducive indoor atmosphere.

All these benefits make polystyrene an excellent render material. Besides, our polystyrene rendering services in Sydney are affordable and reliable. Our professional team of renders will assist you to choose between XPS and EPS forms of polystyrene render and the best finish for your property. Read more about rendered insulation system.

Available Texture and Colour Options

You can choose from several textures and colours. Thus, you won’t have to get stuck with regular options such as cream or white. Its versatility makes it possible to find unusual or unique hues for application on exterior walls such that your property will stand out from the rest.

Different manufacturers make polystyrene render in a wide range of colours . You can talk to us about your favorite colour and we’ll assist you with choosing the best color option for your property. You can easily find a colour that will match the existing décor.

The finishes available include fine, soft, coarse, and rough among others. We recommend rough finishes on outdoor walls and smooth finishes on interior walls and bathrooms. Some homeowners also prefer smooth finishes on outdoor installations such as polystyrene fences due to its visual appeal.

Sydney Rendering Pros is an established and highly experienced company in the rendering industry. Our renderers have worked with both XPS and EPS. We’ve rendered all types of properties. Besides, we guarantee all our rendering services. You can rest assured that your property won’t experience problems any time soon after being rendered by our experts.

We provide detailed quotes that include all the prices of polystyrene rendering services. Our quotes don’t have any hidden charges. For more details about our polystyrene rendering services, call us today at 1300 869 590. Our professional customer care team will be more than glad to answer any questions regarding polystyrene rendering.


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