Top-quality rendering services can transform a dated and dull property into an eye-catching piece of art. Rendering your property’s walls is a great way of improving its look or making it stand out. It’s a durable, easy, and cost-effective solution.


cement rendered interior wall of a house in sydney


Upon rendering your walls, you won’t have to do additional upgrades or repairs for many years to come. At Sydney Rendering Pros, we’ve been offering rendering services for many years now. Our experienced team of renderers can assist with any kind of rendering project. We’ve handled several kinds of rendering materials, with cement being the most common render material.


What You Should Know About Cement Rendering

Essentially, cement rendering involves applying a mixture of cement and sand on a prepared wall surface. The render offers extra protection against elements. It also improves the look of the walls and covers any flaws.

Cement render is the most popular rendering material. It’s more commonly used than acrylic or polystyrene renders as it’s more affordable and easier to work with. Here’re some key facts you should know about cement rendering.

1. It looks attractive

Cement render looks great. It improves the beauty of an otherwise old, dull home. The render is ideal for application on both exterior and interior wall surfaces. Also, you can select from several finishes. Besides, it’s customizable such that you can go for a finish that fits your requirements.

2. Durable

Renders made of cement are durable when applied professionally and maintained properly. Mixing and applying the render requires experience and skill. Poorly applied render isn’t durable. Our rendering team has enough experience with cement render. They’ll ensure that the render is applied evenly over the wall surface.

3. Improves a home’s value

Don’t allow the overall cost of cement render to discourage you from applying it. The render can improve your home’s value significantly. It’ll ensure that your property remains valuable for many years to come by improving its structural integrity, preserving the quality of underlying construction material, and reducing moisture and water damage.

4. Thermal relief properties

Cement is among the coldest construction materials. It offers great thermal relief. Cement keeps warmth inside and heat outside, thereby keeping your home warmer during winter. It also keeps heat outside for a cooler interior during summer. Its insulation properties make it perfect for coating walls in the extreme Australian weather, especially during the hot summer season. Its insulation properties also assist in lowering the cost of energy. Thus, you’ll make savings from reduced energy bills.


Coloured Cement Render

Applying cement render is quite easy, thanks to its flexible nature. You can select the finish you want from several options depending on the kind of look you want. The finishes available include smooth, coarse, fine, or textured finishes depending on your preferences. Coarse or textured finishes are most suitable for application on exterior walls. Smooth or fine finishes are most suitable for application on interior walls.

Also, you can select the colour of your choice from several options including:

1. Painted

Painted render involves applying paint over a rendered wall after curing and drying. The colour may retain its brightness for some years but eventually fades, especially on outdoor surfaces. Paint is suitable for application on properties that you’ll want to alter their appearance regularly.

2. Pigmented

Here, a rendering dye is usually mixed with a sand and cement solution. The dye colours the cement render. The pigment penetrates the material, thereby bonding with it. Thus, the render retains color for many years.

3. Coloured

The coloured option is designed for use when applying cement render on brick walls. Coloured rendering has one thin layer that’s richly pigmented. It can be applied safely on older brick walls. Coloured renders come in several hues. You can easily find an option that’ll suit your requirements.

4. Natural

A natural render finish doesn’t feature any extra colouring. It maintains the cement’s original hue. It makes a property have a rugged, urban look. Thus, its popularity is increasing. The hue is modifiable using various kinds of cement or sand mixes.

These finish and colour options prove that cement render is truly versatile. In case you prefer something more distinct, we can have the cement render coated with acrylic. Acrylic adds more interest to a surface.


Waterproof Cement Rendering

Both polystyrene and cement render offer great waterproofing properties. However, cement render is more affordable than polystyrene render. If you have any concerns about moisture damage or you want a more versatile wall surface at an affordable price, then consider applying cement render. When applied professionally and maintained properly, it’s able to protect a home from moisture damage for many years.

At Sydney Rendering Pros, we can apply a waterproof coat of paint over the render material to enhance its protection. Waterproof cement rendering is ideal for application on bathrooms and swimming pools. We can also repair a cement rendered wall. The repair process is quick and affordable. Repairing rendered surfaces is a great way of fixing cracks that may have developed on the wall.


How Much Does Rendering Cost?

The overall cost of applying render on a property mainly depends on the kind of render material used, quality of the materials, and the property’s size. We offer detailed quotes free of charge. Our quotes don’t have any hidden costs. They’re straightforward and honest to help you make an informed decision. In case of any questions related to cement rendering, or you’re planning to do a rendering project in Sydney, simply call us today at 1300 869 590.

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