At Sydney Rendering Pros, we’re famous for our affordable and professional acrylic rendering services throughout Sydney. We offer acrylic rendering solutions to both commercial and residential properties. We’ve been a leading rendering company in Sydney for many decades.


acrylic house rendering in sydney


Our top-quality rendering services are always in high demand, thanks to our unique strategy that focuses on utilizing our solid expertise, experience, and creativity. Also, we employ innovative technologies for all rendering solutions to meet and exceed your expectations.

We use the most stylish and innovative acrylic render material to create a durable base surface. Thereafter, we can apply a texture coating system to transform the look of your home. Acrylic render is a tested and proven technique for many decades. It offers more benefits over standard sand and cement rendering.

What Does Acrylic Rendering Entail?

Acrylic rendering utilizes a mixture similar to that of cement render but also includes a form of plastic known as acrylic in the mixture. In this case, the acrylic strengthens the render and makes it more flexible when compared to cement render and other traditional renders. Thus, acrylic render is less prone to cracking after application.

The flexibility of acrylic render makes it easier to apply than other renders. The render can be sprayed, trowelled, or rolled on a wall surface. Generally, two coats of acrylic render are applied. The render can be finished using several colors and finishes. Thus, you’re likely to find a finish that’ll fit the décor of your exterior or interior walls. Also, you can choose from several textured coatings. Textured coatings are applied over an already rendered surface after the acrylic cures and dries.

If you want an exterior wall finish that’s both durable and attractive, the innovativeness behind acrylic render is your perfect choice. If you aren’t certain about what acrylic render entails, here’re some more details you should know.


Advantages of Applying Acrylic Render

  1. Flexibility

One of the main advantages of using acrylic rendering is its flexibility. It’s less prone to cracking over time, thanks to its great flexibility. Constant movement, contraction, and expansion of the walls don’t affect acrylic render, unlike cement render that develops hairline cracks over time.

  1. Pre-mixed colours

You don’t have to apply a dull and plain-looking render on the walls of your property. Our rendering professionals can add a colour of your choice to the render mix before application. Since the render material is applied with a pre-mixed colour of your choice, you won’t have to paint your walls after applying the render. It’ll simply have the pre-mixed colour in place.

  1. Several finishes

The incredible attractiveness of acrylic render makes it a great render material. Besides, you can have it applied in several finishes. For instance, you can choose textured finishes or a smooth finish depending on your preferences.

  1. Fast drying

Another advantage of acrylic render material is that it dries quite fast. It only needs a few days to completely dry, unlike cement render that takes several weeks to dry. Its fast-drying nature means that it doesn’t trap moisture within its layers, thereby preventing mold and fungus from developing.

  1. Water-resistant

The water-resistant nature of acrylic render is making it more popular among property owners in Sydney. It offers better moisture-resistant properties than sand and cement render. This makes it perfect for application on homes built in coastal areas and regions that receive a high amount of rainfall. Thus, the walls are protected from fungi and bacteria infestation.

  1. Durability

Acrylic enhances the resilience and strength of a cement base. It also makes the render mixture more durable. Acrylic render looks better and lasts longer than traditional rendering materials.


Disadvantages of Applying Acrylic Render

  • Limited strength– One of the main drawbacks of acrylic render is its breathability properties that make it less strong. Its limited strength makes it less ideal for application on some properties.
  • Cost– There’re several factors that make acrylic rendering more expensive than traditional render materials. Acrylic render often comes in a pre-mixed solution. The pre-mixed solution may have extra elements than regular cement render, thereby making it more expensive.


Surfaces You Can Apply Acrylic Render

There’re several kinds of surfaces on which you can apply acrylic render, thanks to its flexibility and versatility properties. You can apply it on surfaces such as:

  • Blue board
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Painted surfaces
  • Interior and exterior block walls
  • Hebel panels or blocks
  • Fiber cement sheets


Our Acrylic Rendering Products

At Sydney Rendering Pros, we use top-quality acrylic renders. Our renders are premixed and manufactured according to local standards. They’re purely based on acrylic and are lightweight and flexible. They’re ideal for application on painted substrates and fiber cement surfaces (blue board) where good adhesion and tolerance to constant movement are extremely important.


What’s The Cost of Acrylic Rendering in Sydney?

On average, acrylic rendering costs $40 per sq meter on the lower range and $45 per sq meter on the higher range. Thus, a home measuring 300 sq meters can cost you $12,000 on the minimum to about $13,500 on the maximum. However, this is only an estimate. The total cost may vary depending on the project specifications.

There’re several factors that influence the cost of acrylic rendering including your property’s size, the finish you want, and your home’s location. Also, different rendering projects may be priced per day or square meter. Thus, request a free estimate from Sydney Rendering Pros to have an idea about the cost of your acrylic rendering project in Sydney.


Our Acrylic Rendering Designs and Finishes

Our rendering professionals can produce several different acrylic render finishes by employing various types of brushes, sponges, or trowels. Some special finishes require the application of a textured coating. The textured coating is applied over the acrylic rendering base.

It’s possible to apply various finishes, textures, and patterns such as marble, sand, stone chip, stone, sandstone, clay, and lime wash. Some finishes are glistening while others are stipple. You can also apply finishes with anti-fungal and water-resistant properties.

However, the acrylic render finishes available require application by a licensed and experienced team of renderers like our team at Sydney Rendering Pros. We’re familiar with all the styles and products used in rendering.

Our highly experienced and talented team of renderers work hard to make your dream home a reality, thanks to our innovativeness and creativity in applying different render finishes, patterns, and design. We’ll also complete the work according to your specifications. Our dedication and expertise is what has made Sydney Rendering Pros a leading acrylic rendering company in Sydney.


Why Choose Sydney Rendering Pros For Acrylic Rendering Projects in Sydney?

At Sydney Rendering Pros, we understand the importance of mixing and applying acrylic render professionally. It requires extensive skills and knowledge to do it the right way. Our many years of experience in the rendering industry make us best placed to complete all kinds of rendering projects. We’ll complete your project to the best standards possible and exceed your expectations.

Our team comprises highly skilled and trained professionals. They have the much-needed knowledge to apply cutting-edge rendering technologies and materials. We employ the most innovative techniques to offer unmatched rendering services. We’ll make your walls look more attractive and modern by employing our efficient and reliable acrylic rendering services.

We don’t cut corners when handling rendering projects. That’s why our services keep flourishing and attracting more customers every day. As we lead, other rendering companies in Sydney are struggling since some of them use low-quality materials and do a poor rendering job.

For the most affordable and professional acrylic rendering throughout Sydney, contact Sydney Rendering Pros today. We offer competitive and detailed quotes including the costs involved. Our experts can also assist you to choose the best finish and color for a custom acrylic rendering job. Contact our professional customer care team at Sydney Rendering Pros via 1300 869 590 to get a free no-obligation quote or to get more information regarding acrylic rendering in Sydney.


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