Texture coating solutions are in high demand in Sydney due to the need among property owners to have attractive and fashionable properties. Every property owner wants to enhance the attractiveness and strength of their building to give it the best looks.


texture coating and render of outside walls of a house in sydney


The professional team at Sydney Rendering Pros possesses sufficient knowledge about all kinds of rendering services. They can assist you to identify the best wall coating solutions for your property. We’ll advise and assist you to choose the best finishes, textures, colors, effects, and styles that’ll suit your building and landscape.

If you’re planning to do a renovation project or building a new house, we offer premium texture coating services at an affordable price throughout Sydney. At Sydney Rendering Pros, we apply durable and non-toxic coatings. They don’t demand a lot of maintenance. Also, they give the walls a vibrant feel and look.

If you’re confused about the best finish to apply on your property, our experts can assist you to make the best choice. They’ll show you several previous projects and examples to assist you to make a more informed decision.

What Does Texture Coating Entail?

Texture coating refers to the process of designing, creating, and applying patterns on a rendered wall for decoration purposes. It’s a great way of improving the look of your commercial or residential property by applying a design of your choice. There’re several texture coating finishes, colors, textures, effects, and styles to choose from.

Applying a textured coating makes it possible to enhance the look and status of your property, thanks to the numerous finishes available. For instance, you can use it to cover imperfections on the walls or for decoration. You can have the coating applied on external and internal walls on surfaces such as painted brick, weatherboard, and concrete ceilings walls among others.

Advantages of Texture Coatings

  1. Durable

You’ll no longer worry about peeling, flaking, and cracking so long as the coating is applied properly by professionals.

  1. Protection

Texture coated walls are protected against atmosphere pollutants, dirt accumulation, water ingress, knocks, and salty air.

  1. Several finishes

You can choose from several options for styles, textures, thicknesses, and colors depending on your preferences.

  1. Hides defects

Texture coatings offer a good solution for hiding and bridging cracks and any other defects on a building while still allowing the wall to breathe.

  1. Not cuts

There’re not “V” joints or cuts near the windows, doors, or eaves, thereby creating a perfect finish.

  1. Increases the value of a property

Texture coatings add substance and charm to a property with minimal effort and cost. Most up-spec or high-end builders use texture coatings as a rendering finish when building homes. They increase the value of a property significantly.

Disadvantages of Texture Coatings

  1. Challenging to patch

It’s quite challenging to do touch-ups on a texture-coated wall if it gets damaged. Thus, you’ll either live with the flaw or reapply a new layer of a textured coating. You can consider painting as an easier fix.

  1. Cost

Applying a textured coating is costlier than cement and sand rendering.

Surfaces You Can Apply Texture Coating

  • Ceilings
  • Outdoor walls
  • Indoor walls
  • Fences
  • Retaining walls
  • Balustrades

We use texture coatings as a surface topcoat. Thus, the texture coating requires a base coat before applying it. An acrylic or cement render is applied as the base coat, especially for blockwork and bricks. The render is leveled to ensure the topcoat is applied evenly.

Upon application, the texture coating is allowed to cure for at least 48 hours. Next, an acrylic coating with water-resistant properties is applied over the texture coating to seal it and enhance its longevity. It also reduces the chances of cracking. Generally, the water-resistant coating is applied using a texture roller, nap roller, spray gun, or brush.

Our Texture Coating Products

We only use top-quality texture coating products that are specially made to be highly flexible and crack resistant. Our coatings can withstand stress resulting from contraction and expansion due to changing weather conditions. Besides, it has properties that allow it to prevent cracking or shrinking of the rendered substrates. It also protects the surface from alkali attacks.

Cost of Texture Coating Services in Sydney

Generally, the cost of applying a textured coating ranges from $50 to $55 per square meter. For instance, if your home measures 200 square meters, it’ll cost you about $10,000 to $11,000. However, the overall cost may vary depending on the specifications of each project.

There’re several factors that affect the overall cost of texture coating projects. These factors include your location, the kind of finish you want, and your home’s size. Also, texture coating projects are priced differently. They can be priced per day or per linear meter. The best thing to do is to request a free estimate from Sydney Rendering Pros. Our quote will give you an idea about the costs of your custom project.

Our Texture Coating Designs and Finishes

The Sydney Rendering Pros experts can apply acrylic rendering in several finishes using tools like brushes, sponges, or trowels. It’s advisable to ensure that the texture coatings and acrylic render are applied by licensed and experienced contractors like our team at Sydney Rendering Pros. We’re familiar will all the styles and products required.

You can choose the kind of texture you want. However, coarse textures hide slightly rough substrates while smooth textures show variations existing on the substrate. We have vast experience in using different coating techniques to ensure that your project is completed using the kind of finish you want. We can use a roller, spray gun, trowel, or brush to apply the coating. You can choose from a smooth, coarse, or any texture finish you want.

Our experienced and talented team is always ready to make your dream home a reality through their creative designs, finishes, and patterns based on your requirements. It’s through our dedication and expertise that has made us one of the most reputable texture coating companies in Sydney. If you’re not sure about the finish to apply on your property, we’ll be glad to advice.

Why Choose Us For Texture Coating Solutions In Sydney?

We offer the most affordable and reliable texture coating services in Sydney. Our team comprises professionals who’ll meet your needs and requirements. We can assist with all kinds of texture coating solutions for any budget to add a personal look to your property.

If your property has an exterior or interior space that needs an aesthetic retouch or update, applying a top-quality texture coating will instantly change its feel and look. It’ll also extend the wall’s life when applied appropriately.

At Sydney Rendering Pros, we apply texture coatings to the best standards possible. That way, your walls will be able to withstand fluctuating temperatures and protect them against water, harmful pollutants, fire, and UV rays. We only use top-quality textured products that are manufactured to deliver a visually appealing, flawless, and durable wall texture.

We’ll meet and exceed your expectations, thanks to our dedication to offering premium texture solutions at an affordable rate.

We Offer Free Quotes

Looking for reliable and affordable texture coating solutions in Sydney? You can rely on our experts at Sydney Rendering Pros for the best services. We offer free quotes with details about all the costs involved. Our experts will also assist you to choose the perfect finish and color for your project. In case you want to learn more about our texture coating services in Sydney, call us today at 1300 869 590.

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