How to Get Quotes for a Rendering Job

Searching for an effective way of improving the value and look of your property? If so, consider rendering as your best alternative. Rendering involves applying a coating known as render over concrete or brick walls. Rendering is a technique that has been used across Europe for centuries. Today, it’s becoming more popular in Sydney and Australia. Rendering, unlike painting, requires special tools and techniques. Thus, it’s not ideal for DIY. Luckily enough, you can always find a skilled and reputable rendering service in Sydney.

A professional renderer will visit your home to do a home inspection upon requesting them for a free quote. However, you may not have the time to get several quotes from multiple renderers. Rather than wasting a lot of time inviting several renderers for quotes, it’ll help to learn how to get quotes for a rendering job more easily. Here’s how to go about it.

Getting a Rendering Quote Easily

Obviously, your potential rendering expert will prepare a quote based on the surface area to be covered with render. Thus, they’ll need an accurate measurement before giving you an accurate estimate. Also, there’re other things that the renderer requires to know so as to estimate the amount of materials and time they’ll require to get the job done. For instance, they’ll need details such as:

  • Whether your home is built on flat ground or the renderer will have to deal with a sloped surface.
  • Whether your home comprises a single story or multiple stories. If scaffolding is needed, then it’ll add to the cost.
  • Whether the renderer will have to deal with obstacles while working.

These factors will determine the exact cost of a rendering job. Thus, assess your home and write down any problematic issues you’ll find. Also, note down the total number of doors and windows that the rendering expert will work around while doing the job.

You should also consider the kind of rendering finish you want. You can choose between textured and smooth finishes. In some instances, the render can be painted upon drying. You can as well choose a colored render that comes with a tinted color. Besides, there’re several colors to choose from.

Also, you’ll need to choose the render material to apply. You can choose between cement render, which is a traditional render material, and modern acrylic render. Acrylic render is more flexible than cement render. Thus, acrylic render is less prone to cracks than cement render. Acrylic render adheres to a wide range of surfaces such as painted surfaces, unlike cement render that doesn’t adhere properly to many surfaces apart from brickwork.

Upon gathering the necessary details, you can present them to a professional rendering services in Sydney such as Sydney Rendering Pros. The customer care professionals at Sydney Rendering Pros will assist you to get a free quote based on the information you’ve provided. Remember to ask questions such as:

  • Are you insured and licensed?
  • Can you show me examples of your work?
  • For how many years have you offered rendering services?

You’ll be entitled to a free quote without any obligations. Since getting a quote is free, you can call contact Sydney Rendering Pros via 1300 869 590 for all your rendering needs in Sydney. There won’t be anything to lose. After all, you’ll save time and money by knowing the required details in advance and get a free quote soonest possible.


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