Rendering for a Contemporary or Classic Look

Brick veneer and brick are great and popular construction materials. However, their main drawback is being extremely common. Thus, it’s important to learn how to make your common-looking brick home look extraordinary. However, some of the available options tend to be costly. If you want to modernize your home on a budget, then consider rendering. Rendering can make your classic home look distinctive. It can also make your home have a contemporary and sleek look.

Render is a popular wall coating material. In fact, it has been popularly used in the Mediterranean and European countries for centuries. Its popularity is now growing in Australia, especially across Sydney. Render is applied in several innovative ways. Architectural rendering in Sydney can be used to restore and enhance the look of older homes or give newer homes a contemporary and stylish appearance.

Among the most admired home styles is the federation style. The style was adapted from the classic architecture used in England. The style of homes features wide verandahs. It also has features designed to fit the local temperate climate. The style continues to evolve. Renovated federation homes are typically rendered to make them look brighter and more contemporary without affecting their architectural features and lines.

Also, Sydney residents have adapted contemporary minimalist styles. These styles are influenced by the geometric and clean lines of modern architecture. For instance, minimalist facades feature an uncluttered and smooth look. Although brick is a great construction material, it fails to deliver a minimalist look. You can apply render on brick walls to create a smooth and even surface that you can paint grey or white and highlight it with timber features.

There’re numerous ways you can use render to change the look of your home. A brick veneer house or an entire brick façade can be rendered to transform its undistinguished look into a modern, cheerful, and bright-looking home. Also, you can apply render to a small section of your home to give it a unique and stylish look. Render can also be used to enhance the look of exposed brickwork.

If you’re planning to build a new home or renovate an older home, you can take advantage of rendering to give it a contemporary or classic look. Also, you can apply render creatively and make your modest home look like a million-dollar custom home. Besides, you can use your imagination to create stylish render finishes at an affordable rate.


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