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We are one of the top rendering companies in Allambie Heights NSW. We have over a decade of experience and offer the latest technology in rendering industry. Our services cover all types of renders for both homes and businesses. Why settle for anything less?

Affordable House Render for Walls

Wall rendering and texture coatings is a great fix for transforming the appearance of a house.

Professional wall rendering and texture coatings can help transform the appearance of your home.

It’s an affordable way to make sure that your walls look as good as new, even if they have been damaged by daily wear and tear.

The best part is that it doesn’t cost much at all! You can get this done without breaking the bank or spending too much time on it either.

If you want to give your home a fresh new look, then professional wall rendering and texture coating is what you need right now!

Don’t wait any longer – contact us today! We will be happy to provide free quotes from our experienced team of professionals who are ready to work with you on this project.


What Does Rendering Entail?

Rendering is a great way to transform any home. It’s an affordable and easy technique that can be used on both interior and exterior walls.

Whether you want to add texture or colour, our rendering experts will help you choose the best option for your project.

You don’t have to stress about making a poor decision because we have years of experience working with different projects in the Allambie Heights region.

Our renderers are experienced in customising jobs based on requirements so if you need assistance choosing the right finish for your home, just let us know!

Rendering is available in several interesting finishing options including:

  • Textured– A textured finish makes a wall look more dimensional. It adds interest to any home design. This rendering finish is most suitable for use on exterior walls. However, some homeowners also like it on their interior walls.
  • Smooth– A smooth render finish is most suitable for application on interior walls. Most homeowners prefer having smooth interior finishes and textured exterior finishes. Textured or rough finishes are challenging to clean. Also, textured or rough finishes can cause injuries due to their mild abrasive nature. A smooth finish is great for application on bathroom walls.
  • Pigmented– Pigmented finishes are either colored or painted finishes. These finishes add character and interest to any property. There’re several color options available. Thus, you can easily find an option that will match your preferences.

We also offer free quotes so there are no hidden fees when it comes time for payment.

Types of Rendering

We aim to ensure that our clients have several rendering options. That way, you can easily find a solution that best suits your rendering project. Our renderers have worked with several types of rendering materials for many years.

Cement Rendering

Sand and cement render is very popular and great for most relatively new homes.

Acrylic Rendering

This rendering material is a type of plastic and applied as a finish product layer to gives walls a unique finish.

Polystyrene Rendering

It’s easy to apply and lightweight. It offers superior protection against weather elements.

Patch & Render

Whether you’re looking for rendering repairs on a single wall or your entire house – no job too big or small

Blueboard Rendering

Blueboard drywall is popularly used as an exterior cladding material, especially in residential properties.

Texture Coating

High demand for it due to the need among property owners to have attractive & fashionable properties.

Why Choose Our Home Render Services?

The home rendering industry is very competitive and popular. Thus, there’re many companies competing in the market.

However, rendering companies aren’t made equal. Thus, it’s important to choose wisely.

You can check out our full list of services here. Here’re the key reasons why we’re your best option for all rendering projects:


Customer Satisfaction

We prioritise customer satisfaction. That’s why we give our clients professional customer service regardless of how small or large the project is. We’ll assist you promptly any time you need our services.

Workmanship Guarantee

Our cement renderers guarantee our work. Our techniques meet and exceed Australian standards and client expectations. Thus, you don’t have to worry about experiencing problems with our rendering services.

Licensed & Insured

Our team is licensed and insured. Your interests are protected such that your company won’t incur any losses just in case something doesn’t go right. Our insurer will cater for anything that may go wrong.

Premium Quality

We focus on quality & reliability. Our team will double-check every little detail about your project to make sure there are no errors before they leave.

Highly Skilled

Our renderers are certified and highly skilled. They pay special attention to all project details. You can rest assured they can professionally handle any rendering job. Our builders & tradesmen service all the major metropolitan areas of Allambie Heights NSW.

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Our guys are on the field site 7 days a week servicing the interiors and exteriors of building walls & homes.

For more information on pricing on our masonry and bricks rendering work, contact our rendering jobs personnel on the phone number below.

Our cement renderer will address your concerns to put your mind at peace, provide our opinion & advice to everyone based on what is best for your needs. Check out our customer testimonials to know know about our professionalism, dedication and communication.

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We Service Nearby Suburbs

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Rendering FAQs

If you’re planning to transform your dull-looking home or businesses into something more attractive or you’re seeking to enhance the durability of your walls, then consider rendering as the best solution. This article discusses frequently asked questions regarding rendering.

What does rendering entail?

Rendering involves applying a render material over an external or internal wall. Cement is the most commonly used render material. Cement render is often applied on stone, brick, or concrete surfaces.

Acrylic render is another common render material used today. It’s available as a premixed product. Acrylic render enhances the water-resistance and durability of a wall. It also creates a smooth finish. Polymer render is also becoming more popular, thanks to its durability and strength.

How does a rendered surface look like?

Render is applied in several finishes to achieve the look of your choice. You can have it applied in painted, smooth, or textured finishes.

How do you apply render?

Your renderer will walk you through the process of applying render. Essentially, render is applied in two coats to deliver a high-quality finish. In some cases, a third coating may be applied, especially when your home’s location or the surface necessitates it.

Does rendering offer any benefits?

Yes. Rendering offers numerous aesthetic and practical benefits including:

  • Water-resistance- Render increases the water resistance properties of a wall, thereby protecting it from cracking and water damage.
  • Appearance- Render modernizes the look of a home. It can transform an old or dull brick façade or brick home into a contemporary and sleek property. You have options to choose among different colours.
  • Repairs- Rendering is ideal for sealing worn, old, and damaged surfaces, thereby improving their appearance.
  • Adds value- Modernizing your home with render can add to its value significantly.

Is rendering a DIY job?

It’s advisable to hire a reputable rendering service to do your upcoming rendering project. An experienced renderer has the much-needed expertise to create a superior render finish.

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