Rendered Foam Walls

Foam render is becoming more popular today. It offers numerous benefits that make it a great choice for rendering walls, especially for upper floors of two or three-storey buildings.

Rendered foam walls are advantageous over bricks as they’re usable in situations where heavy brick walls wouldn’t have sufficient structural support.

Besides, they resist movement and offer superior straightness. Also, they’re very durable. These benefits make it a great alternative to bricks and other traditional textured wall finishes.

We have a team of experienced renderers who’ll guarantee you a perfectly finished foam render job.

Our rendering experts will ensure that each step in rendering is done according to the highest standards. You can consult our experts for further guidance on your rendering project.

foam panels installation for rendering

Why Consider Foam Render?

There’re several reasons why foam render is a great wall finishing material including:


  1. Flexibility

One of the main reasons that make foam render a popular choice is its flexibility, superior quality, and consistency. It’s ideal for application on most surfaces including polystyrene sheets, steel frames, and bricks. Also, it’s available in several finishes and colours.


  1. Great Insulation

Another benefit of rendered foam walls is great insulation properties. The foam resists high temperatures.

Also, it’s moisture resistant, thereby preventing dampness and mold on the wall surface. Besides, it’s rot-resistant, flood-resistant, lightweight, easy to install, and long-lasting.

We use the best techniques and premium-grade properties for all rendering installations and repairs. We guarantee satisfaction for all rendering services.

Besides, our rendering services are budget-friendly. Consult without our rendering experts regarding the best colour option, texture, and finish for your needs.


Other Reasons for Using Foam Render

Foam render offers a contemporary and clean look on any existing walls of a property. Also, it neither dampens nor develops blisters due to its moisture-resistant properties.

Besides, it doesn’t react chemically and is inert in nature. Consequently, it resists pests.

Essentially, its cost varies depending on the foam finish and style you want. Also, the cost varies depending on the required size per square meter.

Also, different suppliers and installers may have varying prices for supply and installation.

Thus, it’ll help to request a free quote from a potential rendering contractor to have an idea about the cost.



Finding a Reputable Rendering Contractor

Luckily, there’re numerous rendering contractors to choose from. However, it can be time-consuming to find a reputable rendering service.

Here’re some tips that can assist you in finding a reliable and experienced rendering company:

  • Check their worker’s insurance and license. Avoid taking their word for it. They should be willing to show you a copy of their insurance and license.
  • Check the locations they serve. They should serve in your area for reliability. Also, their rates should conform to the standard rates in your area.
  • Ensure the potential contractor specializes in all kinds of rendering installations and repairs including cement treatments, acrylic render, and foam render.
  • Ensure the contractor has many years of experience in both residential and commercial rendering.
  • Check their previous work and talk to a few previous customers to learn more about their experience with the contractor. That way, you’ll have an idea about the kind of work they do and whether they fulfill customer requirements.

Simply make the walls of your property look fabulous by installing foam render.

Our team of rendering experts has more than a decade of experience in both residential and commercial rendering services.

Besides, our reputation speakers for itself. Contact us today to discuss your requirements with our skilled and licensed rendering contractors.