Foam Panel Cladding

The idea of foam panel cladding is a common practice that’s mostly done on two-story upper decks.

Foam panels are a great choice for rendering in situations where heavy brick walls wouldn’t be supported adequately. That’s why they’re popularly used for cladding upper decks.

We manufacture and supply standard foam panels measuring 1200 by 2400 mm, which is a sufficient thickness to enhance the thermal properties of an existing wall.

Our foam panels feature an exterior mesh face. The foams are fitted over a frame with the help of spreader washers and special galvanized screws.

Our cladding experts will seal any joints using mesh joining tape and polyurethane foam. We use metal strips to strengthen external corners. Thereafter, a 5 mm acrylic rendering material is applied.

foam panel cladding wall

Options Available for Polystyrene Foam

  • Expanded polystyrene (EPS) – It has limited structural strength and impact resistance but offers great thermal performance.
  • Extruded polystyrene (XPS) – It offers great thermal performance like EPS foam. Also, it resembles EPS. However, it’s manufactured differently, thereby allowing for greater structural reinforcement and impact resistance. As a result, XPS is costlier than EPS.

Our rendering experts in Sydney can undertake any foam cladding installation or treatment you want. Also, we’ll include insulation valves when installing foam cladding. You can choose between 50mm or 100mm board thickness depending on your needs.

What Makes Foam Cladding Versatile?

  • Resists moisture and rot.
  • Impressively durable.
  • Doesn’t develop blisters and damps.
  • Offers a consistent and superior finish.
  • Easy to install. Also, it can be installed on most wall surfaces such as polystyrene sheets, steel frames, and brick.
  • Doesn’t cause chemical reactions. It’s inert and resists pests and mold formation.

Our premium foam cladding comes in several styles and colours to choose from. You can consult our rendering experts about the best style for your property.


They’re Affordable

The cost of foam cladding varies depending on different manufacturers. The price may also vary depending on the size of foam cladding you want.

You can consult our experts for further details on the cost. We’ll give you a free, no-obligation quote to give you an idea about what it’ll cost to install foam cladding on your property. Regardless, our foam panel cladding is affordable. We offer the most competitive rates.



Contact us for the best foam cladding solutions that’ll strike a balance between functionality, appearance, and consistency. Once we’re done cladding your property with foam panel, it’ll have a new, unmatched look.