Rendered EPS

Foam rendering is increasingly becoming more popular. Although there’re several wall coating materials available today, foam rendering offers numerous benefits over other rendering materials. It’s highly effective and extends the life of an existing wall significantly.

Expanded polystyrene render system

Why Choose Expanded Polystyrene Cladding?

Simply referred to as EPS, expanded polystyrene is a foam rendering material that’s preferred for its lightweight nature and ease of installation.

EPS comprises expanded polystyrene beads. However, expanded polystyrene isn’t the same as extruded polystyrene. Although both are foam rendering materials, they have certain differences.

Rendered EPS offers superb thermal performance. EPS mixture contains a polymer render. Also, the mixture contains a cement base and silicon. Silicon works as a water repellant. It ensures the render resists moisture and water for enhanced longevity.



Foam rendering offers numerous practical advantages. That’s one of the key reasons that makes it a popular rendering material.

Besides adding value to a wall, polystyrene foam enhances the look of a wall and makes it more appealing.

Also, it offers numerous finishes to choose from. You can apply it on almost all kinds of surfaces including bricks, steel frames, and polystyrene sheets.


Optimal Insulation

Expanded or extended polystyrene comes with great insulation properties that set it apart from other rendering and cladding materials.

Also, it resists heat and moisture. If you’re looking for an affordable rendering material, EPS foam won’t disappoint.

Besides being a superb insulator and economical rendering material, EPS also offers other benefits. For instance, EPS is extremely durable and lightweight.

Also, it allows for effortless installation. Besides, its eco-friendly properties make it one of the best rendering materials.

However, you can only stand higher chances of enjoying most of its benefits by having it installed by a professional rendering service.


Why You Should Consider Polystyrene Foam Cladding

If you’re not sure about the cladding material to use for your property, experts advise you to consider EPS foam.

EPS panels are a better choice than concrete blocks and bricks. The reason behind this is that rendered EPS doesn’t allow heat to pass through.

Thus, it’ll maintain warm air indoors during winter and keep hot air outdoors during summer.

Consequently, you’ll enjoy increased comfort in your home regardless of the season. Also, you’ll enjoy reduced energy bills.

Cladding the walls of your property with foam render will enhance their strength in resisting extreme weather elements.

Also, foam render acts as an extra layer of protection over the walls. However, you should seek the services of our rendering specialists for the best results.

Our vast experience in supplying and installing rendered EPS will ensure that your home will enjoy maximum insulation and protection against harsh elements.


Other Benefits

EPS is inert in nature. Thus, it resists chemical reactions. Also, it doesn’t attract pests.

These benefits make it a popular rendering material. As you can see, you have all the reasons to choose EPS foam in your upcoming rendering project.



Considerations for Installing Expanded Polystyrene onto Walls Prior to Rendering