Cost Comparison Between DIY and Professional Wall Rendering in Australia

When considering a home renovation project, it can often be difficult to decide between doing the job yourself or hiring a professional. When it comes to wall rendering in Australia, this decision can have an impact on both your wallet and the quality of the final product. In order to make an informed choice and get the best outcome for your wall rendering project, it pays to consider the cost comparison between DIY and professional options.


dry wall contractor rendering external wall


Cost Comparison – Materials

A key factor when comparing DIY and professional wall rendering is cost related to materials. For most DIY jobs, you will need to purchase all the necessary render material from either a hardware store or online retailer. This can include cement-based renders, acrylic renderers, waterproofing membranes, joint compound and other associated products.

In contrast, when using the services of a professional wall rendering specialist in Australia, you will often have access to high quality materials at discounted prices. Not only that, but these render specialists may also offer advice on which render will give you the best outcome for your project. Professional wall renderers may also be able to source specialised materials such as pre-made plaster mouldings or intricate design pieces from manufacturers not available to DIY homeowners.


Cost Comparison – Labour

DIY jobs generally require a great deal more time and effort than hiring a professional. There is a significant amount of labour involved with preparing walls for rendering, ensuring the correct tools are used, mixing the render, applying the render to the wall and then smoothing it out. If you are inexperienced or do not have access to the right tools and materials, this can be a lengthy process that could incur further costs.

In comparison, professional rendering services will include all labour required for the job – from preparing walls to apply render through to general clean-up afterwards. This saves time and ensures a quality finish in accordance with building code requirements. Not only will this save you considerable time but it also eliminates the risk of having to redo the job due to mistakes made during the DIY process.


Cost Comparison – Quality

When comparing DIY against professional wall rendering, there is no doubt that hiring a professional will give you better quality results. Professional renderers use specialised tools and techniques to ensure a seamless finish that is also durable, waterproof and resistant to cracking. This long-term value can far exceed the cost of initial investment with a professional wall rendering job.


Final Thoughts

When it comes to considering the cost comparison between DIY and professional wall rendering in Australia, it pays to consider both short-term and long-term costs. While DIY may seem like an attractive option at first, this usually involves more time and effort – not to mention potential mistakes that could lead to increased expenses further down the track. Hiring a professional will generally give you better quality results for less expense in the long run – leaving you with peace of mind knowing your project has been completed to the highest standard.


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