Benefits of Rendering a House

Rendering a house comes with numerous benefits. Whether you’re doing it for commercial or residential purposes, rendering will offer your property numerous practical and functional benefits that you’ll appreciate for many days to come.


rendering the exterior of a modern house


Here’re the benefits of rendering a house:

  1. Weather protection

Australia often experiences harsh weather conditions. If your commercial building or home faces direct UV rays and scorching heat, wind, snow, or rain, you’ll want to ensure that it can withstand such elements.

Rendering the exterior walls, retaining walls, or fences of your house is a sure way of increasing their durability and strength. You may be wondering whether rendering is waterproof.

Fortunately, polymer rendering is water-resistant and can protect the walls from moisture.

Coating the walls of your house with render also works as an extra layer of insulation. Render allows a house to maintain the cooling and heating conditions within it.

Consequently, it reduces the loss of cold and hot air through the exterior walls, thereby enhancing the energy efficiency of your home. That way, you’ll experience a significant reduction in your annual energy bills.


  1. Enhanced appearance

There’re several reasons why your house might be looking dull. If its exterior walls are looking outdated and dull, it’ll help to update them to make them look more attractive and modern.

In most cases, exterior walls feature exposed brick. That’s why several homeowners prefer rendering the exterior walls.

With rendering, you’ll be able to decide on the finishing texture according to your preferences. For instance, you can choose between a textured and a smooth finish.

The kind of render finish you’ll get will largely depend on the coarseness of the sand. Sand is typically mixed with cement, clay or lime, and water.

Besides using render to enhance the appearance and texture of walls, you can also use rendering to enhance the colour of the exterior walls. There’re several colour options to choose from.

You can choose between a pigmented appearance and natural colours. Pigmented colours are usually created by adding different pigments when preparing the render.

In some cases, the exterior walls, retaining walls, or fences may have chips or cracks that should be covered to give the wall a clean, new look. You can fix such unsightly damages on walls by applying polymer render, cement render, or acrylic render.


  1. Increases the value of your property

Applying render on exterior walls is a perfect way of increasing the value of your property, especially when planning to sell it in the future. By enhancing your home’s appearance, you’ll be increasing its visual appeal. As a result, it’ll make potential buyers more interested in the property.

Also, high-quality and beneficial home improvements and renovations assist in getting a higher-paying buyer than a home that requires extra renovations. Additionally, wall rendering strengthens exterior walls, thereby reassuring potential buyers that they’re investing in a durable home.


  1. Reduces maintenance costs

The benefits of rendering a house are both short-term and long-term. While rendering gives a house an improved look instantly, you’ll also enjoy long-term benefits associated with reduced maintenance costs. You can spend the money you’ll save on other important expenses.

Rendering exterior walls works as an extra layer of protection against weather elements, thereby increasing the longevity of your home.

Applying a high-quality render will make the walls resist tear, wear, and cracks. Thus, you won’t have any worries about spending your hard-earned money on such repairs.


Can Rendering Be A DIY Job?

You’ll need all the required rendering supplies for a successful DIY rendering job. Rendering supplies include a float, straight edge, mixing drill, mixing bucket, trowel, broom, water brush, sponge, and hawk.

Also, you’ll need to have the right render material such as cement render, polymer render, or acrylic render. However, rendering requires special skills. Thus, DIY rendering shouldn’t be a trial and error project.

You need to have sufficient knowledge on how to go about it. That’s why it’s recommended to hire the services of an experienced renderer for guaranteed results.

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