Alternatives to Wall Rendering

Wall rendering is a common practice that involves covering the external walls of buildings with cement, plaster or other materials like stucco in order to create an attractive and durable finish. It is often used on both new builds and existing properties as an easy way to add value and increase curb appeal. Although wall rendering provides a range of benefits, there are alternatives which may be more suitable for certain types of property or individual preferences.


stone cladding

Brick Cladding

One alternative to wall rendering is brick cladding, which uses thin slices of real fired clay bricks that are adhered directly onto the exterior walls of a building. This gives the appearance of traditional brickwork without the need to demolish and rebuild. Brick cladding is highly durable and can be used both externally and internally, making it an attractive option for many property owners.


Stone Cladding

Stone cladding is another alternative to wall rendering which uses thin slices of real stone that are glued onto the walls of a building. It offers a more rustic look than wall rendering, but still provides excellent durability and protection from the elements. This makes it perfect for homes in rural or coastal areas where exposure to harsh weather conditions can cause problems with traditional rendering materials.


Timber Cladding

Using timber cladding as an alternative to wall rendering can give your home a unique and natural look while still providing protection from the elements. Timber cladding is normally made from cedar, redwood or pine and can be finished with a range of different stains and oil treatments to enhance its look. It is much lighter than brick or stone cladding, making it easier to install and more cost-effective for many property owners.


Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is another popular alternative to wall rendering that offers excellent durability and protection from the elements while also being simple to install and maintain. It is available in a wide variety of colors, textures and styles so you can customize your home’s appearance to suit your individual preference. Although vinyl siding requires periodic cleaning, it’s generally considered low maintenance compared to other alternatives such as brick or stone cladding.


Exterior Paint

Applying a fresh coat of paint to your home’s exterior is an economical alternative to conventional wall rendering systems that can enhance the overall look of your property while still providing excellent protection from the elements. Exterior paint comes in various colors, textures and finishes so you can choose something to suit your individual taste. Painting is also easy to maintain, as all it requires is occasional cleaning and touch-ups when necessary.



Wall rendering provides many benefits for property owners looking to improve their home’s exterior walls, but there are alternatives which provide different looks and levels of maintenance that could be more suitable depending on your needs. Brick cladding, stone cladding, timber cladding, vinyl siding and exterior paint can all be used as alternatives to wall rendering, giving you the freedom to customize your home’s appearance. Regardless of what option you choose for your property, make sure to do adequate research and consult a professional if necessary in order to get the best possible results.